Cheng’s Acupuncture Plus Clinic specialises in Traditional Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicines, and Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling (FSN) Acupuncture.

Our clinic is comfortable, quiet, hygienic and has an established reputation in Luton since 2006 with many happy clients. Many clients visit our clinic by word of mouth recommendations.

Dr Cheng is a professional and highly qualified doctor with over 30 years clinical experience. Whether you are looking for an alternative or complementary therapy or just a natural treatment, Dr Cheng will try her best to help you.

Our clinic has been ranked TOP 3 ACUPUNCTURE IN LUTON for the fifth successive year by Three Best Rated. Our aim is to provide consistently high-quality patient-centred healthcare..

Dr Cheng is certified and registered with the Luton Borough Council (with an Acupuncture Luton Borough Council Certificate of registration), to perform acupuncture at 4 Alexandra Avenue, Luton, LU3 1HG.

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4 Alexandra Avenue, Luton, LU3 1HG                          01582 618731

Our clinic has been listed as TOP 3 ACUPUNCTURE  IN LUTON for the fifth successive year by Three Best Rated

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Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling (FSN) Acupuncture